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Intermidiate bass tabs

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All the tabs that I come across are either too hard or too easy and I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for something challenging but not too hard.
Lunchbox by Marilyn Manson. Great song and great bass line! The rhythm is hard to get down with the hammer-ons. The tabs of it on here are bad and aren't correct. There is one on UG I found that I compared to a live version and most of the fretting was the same.

Another great one is Dawn Patrol by Megadeth. It's the same riffs over and over again but it's a lot of fun when you get it down
Oh and I forgot about these two: Don't Forget Me and Emit Remmus (Summer Time backwards). Awesome bass lines!!! Don't Forget Me has a real verse bass line but it's cool, then you have all the fancy stuff in the chorus along with a distorted version of the verse. And then Emit Remmus. It's probably one of the best songs I ever learned.
Posts: 330
thanks linkin. I didnt know the songs o i checked some bass covers on YT and they look like the kind of thing I need
LoudLon [moderator]
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Here's some intermediate stuff I've tabbed:

Interstate Love Song, by Stone Temple Pilots
The Trooper, by Iron Maiden
Nutshell, by Alice in Chains
From Under the Dust, by Letters to Cleo
Trinidad, by Eddie Money
Which Way to America, by Living Colour (great for practicing slapping)
Carnival, by Natalie Merchant

Angel @$!#, Some kinda hate, Skulls, Tv Casualty by the misfits. Gotta get away and self esteem by the offspring. Only in dreams by weezer. Sackcloth and ashes by mr t experience.
anything off the monks bad habits album
lots of the ramones stuff is not too bad
Ramones is like pre-beginner.
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thanks lon I really needed something for slaps. linkin I agree Ramones is as basic as it gets
Yeah I was bored by that when I started so it's obviously not difficult. Lol
Another good song for slapping is Right Now by Korn. Not too hard, but not too easy
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R A T M, Take the Power Back

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