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Third Eye Blind — Burning Man bass tabs

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Third Eye Blind
Burning Man
Tabbed By Cox (Orpheus_Rocks@hotmail.com)

Standard Tuning

This song is fairly straight forward, but still plenty of fun to play. Give
it a shot, you should pick it up pretty quick. I am fairly confident in the
accuracy of this, but if you have any corrections, feel free. Also, I think
I did a poor job of tabbing the rhythms, so you will have to figure that
much out on your own.

|————————————————————————————| x3

after every 3rd of that, do this.

|—x—x—10p8—————————————10——2—2—3—| (I think that's the correct fill, but I
am not positive. In any event it works =) )




Back to verse, same way as before. Then do this alternate Pre—Chorus

Pre—Chorus 2

|————————————————————————————————————————————————|Note:I like to play
|————————————————————————————————————————————————|the quick double D
|—————————2—2——2—5——5—5—5h7—/9—9—9—9/12—12—12—12—|(5 on A) like 5p4 to
|—3——3——3————————————————————————————————————————|add some more
accent to it.




That's all the parts to the song. From here, the order goes.

Verse (all the way through 3 times)
Pre Chorus 2
Pre chorus 2
Post Chorus

And end scene.

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