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Theme Songs — Super Mario Brothers Secret Room bass tabs

——— Super Mario Brothers — Secret Room ———

Here it goes....

oh... dont forget to tune your bass ! Its a drop D "song"

|mute| |mute|
______|2X|______/ ______|2X|______/

Yippie ki yay! Im growing INSANE !!!

This tab is 100% correct.
If you cannot get the timing, just write me an e—mail.
Ill send you the wav—file of this song !!!! (Im a nice guy, right?)

Tabbed by Bjrn Breitkopf (a.k.a. Breiti) on a very boring sunday afternoon (2003)!!!

E—mail: [email protected]

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Tablature player for this song:
Theme Songs - Super Mario Brothers  Secret Room Bass Tab


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