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Theme Songs — Star Wars (john Williams)- The Imperial March bass tabs

I've noticed that no—one has this song properly tabbed
many sound right
BUT I have offial sheet music & its actually in the key G
here it is Properly transcribed for bass

|———————————————| (x4)

Main Riff

Bridge (x2) Ending1 Ending2

(not in actual song but many band who cover play this as the outro)
|———————————————|(x2) |———————|(slowly but repeat quickly 8 times)
|—5—5—555—5—————| |—5h6h8—|
|——————————666——| |———————|
|———————————————| |———————|

Tablature player for this song:
Theme Songs - Star Wars (john Williams)- The Imperial March Bass Tab

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Excellent tab but i just think that on the 2nd bridge it should be another open note after the first one instead of the 12th fret.
I feel there is something missing between 5-8-7 and 6-8-5 in the bridge. I don't know what,but smtg is missing
Perfect Tab to me!
I dunno but I feel a bit like the 65 before the endings should be higher but I dunno?
3 years, 4 months ago
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Nice one. But I think the intro isn’t in the actual song.
This sounds very good.

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