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Theme Songs — Spongebob Song When Running bass tabs

Spongebob part when running

Note:its not the theme song in the begining
and it might not sound familiar so Ive added
time it may not be exact but if you've watched
the show you'll know it. It plays when they're

q q q q e e e e q q q e e q q e e e e q q
G ——5—7—8—7|—5—7—8—13—12——|—13—10—13—12—8—|—12—10—8—7—5———————|
D —————————|—————————————R|———————————————|—————————————5————.|
A —————————|——————————————|———————————————|——————————————————.|
E —————————|——————————————|———————————————|———————————————————|

Legend:q=quarter note e=eighth note R=rest

I hope you know which it is

Tablature player for this song:


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