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Theme Songs — Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (mxc) bass tabs

MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge)
Spike TV
Great Show

i was sitting down one day watching TV when Most Extreme Elimination Challenge came
on. It is the greatest show.
I had my bass next to me since i was playing. Then the "theme music" came on and i learned
it fr some reason.
I hope you watch MXC and i hope you rate this

standard tuning


rate this and my other tabs

Tablature player for this song:
Theme Songs - Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (mxc) Bass Tab


Nice! I think you make it a little harder then needed tho. (but I like the pull offs, no lie)
G |—————————————5h3-5h3-5h3|
D |———2———&ndash–|———4&mdash&mdash&mdash–|
A |-0-3-0-3—–0-3-0-3—-|-0-3-0-3—————–|
E |————————|————————-|
G| |---------------------------------------5p3-5p3-5p3|
D |---------2-----------3--|---------4----3---3---3--|
A |-0-3-0-3-----0-3-0-3----|-0-3-0-3-----------------|
E |------------------------|-------------------------|
opps, haha.

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