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Theme Songs — Homestarrunner Com - Teen Girl Squad #9 - Best Friends Squad Song bass tabs

Just a little something me and my friend tabbed for a laugh. Its not that difficult and 
you should even be able to sing along with it!



You just repeat this throughout the song. And here are the lyrics:

A glue stick, some glitta paint, words cut out from a magazine,
BFF craved in a tree, that stands for Baow Fom Froosh!
A Porta—John came to life, put on a play with So and So,
Unfortunately they didnt get very good reviews.
Whatsherface ate Staple Sauce, a heaped bowl of Staple Sauce,
The Crazy Learners Permit Girl gave me a ride to Babbages!

There you have it peeps!

Ben P aka Uncle Badger

Tablature player for this song:
Theme Songs - Homestarrunner Com - Teen Girl Squad #9 - Best Friends Squad Song Bass Tab


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