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Theme Songs — Batman Theme bass tabs

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This is what it's come to, workin out the tabs for the batman theme.
Ah well Batman rules!!! Here goes nothin...

Main Riff:
G: ———————————————————————
D: ———————————————————————— "BATMAN!!!"
A: ————————————————————————
E: 33—22—11—22—33—22—11—22—

Then up a string:
G: ————————————————————————
D: ———————————————————————— "BATMAN!!!"
A: 33—22—11—22—33—22—11—22—
E: ————————————————————————

And there you go, play it over and over and over again!!! (I play
this at the start of band practices to get warmed up). Have fun!!!

This tab is for Talia French! Luv ya babe!!!
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Theme Songs - Batman Theme Bass Tab

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8 years, 11 months ago
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not correct
1 year, 3 months ago
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