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Theme Songs — All Seven Modes bass tabs

okay this is for finding and useing all the notes in a major key
it hard to see what this is at first but it will make more sense
with a bass and blank tab. Each number repersent a note in each
scale so lets take C major so 1—c 2—d 3—e 4—f 5—g 6—a 7—b 8—c(1 octave

2| |x| |x|x|
3| |x| |x|x|
6| |x|x| |x|
7| |x|x| |x|
4|x| |x| |x|
1|x| |x| |x|
5|x| |x| |x|
okay this table kinda of hard to under stand but as bass players
you will only need to look at four lines at one times. So in C you
will use the One pattern so it will look like this one bass and
the fert board
6| |x|x| |x|
7| |x|x| |x|
4|x| |x| |x|
1|x| |x| |x|this translates to this
6| |9|10| |12|
7| |9|10| |12|
4|8| |10| |12|
1|8| |10| |12|
so i hope this can help u play in key and if u want ti play in C and
in a different mod just find what number the note is in the scale
and start form their and if u use 6,3,or2 it does rap around back
to 5 and so on
Tablature player for this song:
Theme Songs - All Seven Modes Bass Tab


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