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The Steve Miller Band — Feel Like Making Love bass tabs


Verse (x4)



Chorus Outro

Verse (x4)


Chorus Outro

Verse (x2,x2)

Chorus (x3 our band only)



If you examine most guitar tablature, you'll find that the fret positions are notated
in order as they occur in each measure. However, the spacing of the notes within the
measures are very approximately related to the actual timing of the song. That makes
it impossible to indicate the exactly what beats the notes should occur on as well as
the proper duration of the notes.

In addition, the spacing or width of each measure in the overall song tablature is
inconsistent. In other words, the number of characters (numbers and dashes) between
the hash marks of each measure varies. If the measures are played in the same time,
shouldn't they appear the same length? This can help communicate visually the
relative durations of intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro and other sections of the

For these reasons, I use the following tab format standards:

To make the tab quick and easy to read, each measure within a song is written using
the minimum number of characters needed to display the notes and rests in proper
time. Assuming standard 4/4 time, a simple song with only quarter notes would have
four characters (per string) per measure. An average rock song with only eighth notes
would have eight characters per measure. A complex song with a funky sixteenth note
rhythm would need sixteen notes per measure.

Fret positions are represented by one character. This allows each measure to be
written in proper time and with the minimum number of characters per measure, making
the tab easy to read. Fret positions are noted as usual except as follows:

t = tenth fret
e = eleventh fret
T = twelfth fret
h = thirteenth fret
f = fourteenth fret
F = fifteenth fret
s = sixteenth fret
S = seventeenth fret
E = eighteenth fret
n = nineteenth fret
v = twentieth fret
w = twenty—first fret
x = twenty—second fret
y = twenty—third fret
z = twenty—fourth fret

Tablature player for this song:
The Steve Miller Band - Feel Like Making Love Bass Tab


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