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The Hives — Walk Idiot Walk (easy version) bass tabs

The basic riff isn´t very hard to play and it takes till the refrain, so you just have to play the following tabs until singer sings: "They say..."

D|—————222222202222—————| You don´t have to play X, you also
A|——————————————————————| can make a break here (that´s
E|—030x————————————030x—| easier)

Then comes the rafrain. You play the first note of basic riff and then you have to play this (listen to the guitar):

G|———————————————————————————————| Then you wait for the
D|———————————————————————————————| drum bridge and start
A|————————————22222222———————————| again with the basic riff
E|—00—33333333—————————333333332—| WITHOUT playing "030x"
the first time.

You have to play this until the second refrai, where another part of the song starts. But here you just have to play nearly the same what guitar plays. Then the basic riff starts agin till the end. Try it, it´s pretty easy!

Added by Mario°drass
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The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk (easy version) Bass Tab


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