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The Blackbyrds — Rock Creek Park bass tabs

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(submitted by Archangel25)
Bassist: Joe Hall

Main Bassline
G |———————|———————|
D |———————|—————7—|
A |—————3—|—5—7———|
E |—3—5———|———————|

Bridge x4
G |———————|———————|
D |———————|———————|
A |———————|———————|
E |—12—11—|—11—10—|


Bridge (This time longer rest btwn each measure)

Main to fade
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Looking forward to the day when this “tab” is more than 10 notes…
Seanmo…R&B basslines to songs in the 70's and 80's were repetitive. Sorry that it is difficult for you to realize this.

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