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The Black Crowes — Jealous Again bass tabs

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Jealous Again Bass Tab by the Black Crowes (Standard Tuning)

I tabbed this song for you guys because I couldn’t find it anywhere.
I used “fivestringfanatic” ‘s video of it on YouTube as a reference.
I am keeping it simple and just giving you the root notes.
You can always spice it up later.

I also didn’t bother to count how many “5” he hits on the A. You can figure it

Intro/Verse (Bass enters at around :09 seconds)
_______555555555555555555____ _5______
_________________________3 5 3________

_____5 5 3 3 5 5 2 2 5_5____________ x 2
_________________ ____ ___3__________
The 3 on the A string comes on “jealous again".
The 2 on the A string comes on just before “by the time I let you in”

____0 3______0 3________________________
________0 3______0 3____________________

No bass from 2:40 through 3:02

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