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The Birthday Massacre — TBM tabs explained bass tabs

(submitted by MelVinMaSsaCrE)
 I just want to go over a few things that I feel are important to know if you 
are using my tabs to play songs written by The Birthday Massacre.
If you ever watch videos of them playing live, you will notice that for the
most part the bass line is played on the low D string. However, there are some
videos that you will find that the A string is being used as well.
When you look at my tabs you will noticed that some are tabbed out only on
the D string, and some use both the D and A string. A majority of the tabs
can be played either way. Let me give you an example of what I mean: "Kill The Lights"

Using both the D and A string

Using the D string only

There is really no "correct" way, meaning that the "A|0" is right and the "D|7"
is wrong, or the other way around. They are the same note. The only thing that is
going to be different is the tone you'll get. If you use only the D string, the
tone will be deeper and warmer. If you use the A string along with the D string,
the notes on the A string will sound a little brighter.
The reason I have some of my tabs using the A string is just a preferential way
of playing that particular song. Some of the songs I think it's less of a pain
to put some notes up on the A string than having to fly up and down the D string
constantly. If you think that one of these tabs should be played on the D string
only, then by all means do it ;) It's just a matter of knowing where the notes are
at on the fretboard.

In my more recent tabs, I try to include an extra space after every 8 notes to make it easier to keep track of where you are at any given point; however, sometimes I omit the extra spaces to keep each phrase from spilling over and making the tab look messy. Another reason why I choose to omit the extra spaces, as opposed to splitting the phrase in half, is to keep the tab from being too lengthy.

EDIT: Another thing I have noticed with certain songs is that some notes that begin an intro, verse, chorus etc. fall in between two seconds. To clarify, the beginning note of a structure change, for the most part, falls clearly on a specific second. However, sometimes it falls as one second passes to another, thus it is difficult to determine exactly which second that that note falls on. To get to the point, just be aware that the time I list on the first note of each structure change may not be 100% exact all the time, but it will never be off by more than 1 second. I list the times to provide a guideline to make my tabs easier to follow, hopefully making it easier for you to learn the song.

I hope that this helps, and that I didn't confuse you at all. If you have any
questions about my tabs please, please ask me. I will be more than happy to help
you in any way I can. Cheers!!


Contact: melvinhawkins64@yahoo.com
Tablature player for this song:
The Birthday Massacre - TBM tabs explained Bass Tab


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