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Prince — 1999 bass tabs

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by Prince (now known as O(+>, The Artist)
from the album 1999
original bass player on the album: none other then O(+> himself
original bass player in concerts at that time: Dez
arranged for bass tab by Jean—Michel Baker

here is 1999 by The Artist from his Prince days, most of the Revolution play
on this album.
this song sounds better played an 8ve lower, which can b done by using an
upright bass setting on a digital mixer through an amp, but it really doesn't
make that much of a difference.

this is how i play the intro. if u went an extended intro add the 2nd part
on2 the end of the 1st.

w + h + q s s s s w+w 2nd part: w+h + q s s s s
w+q q h
A| 3 |——3————3———————1————| 3 | 3 | A| 3
|——3————3———————1———| 3 |——3——r——r |
E | |———————————r— 3————3 | | | E |
|———————————r— 3———3 | | |

verse riff:
this is how i play the verse.

q s e e s e s s s s
D|——————3——3—————3——3——1—————————— |
A|——————————————————————————3——1——0—| repeated as much as needed
E |——1—————————1————————————————————— |

1 of my friends Nsists that it is played another slightly more complex way.
which i may post if anyone wants me 2.

on the album the chorus is played a few different ways. only the first 2
measures r different each time, so i'm not going 2 recopy the 3rd measure
every time

the first way: 3rd measure
q q q q q q q q q s e e s e s s s s
E |————————————————|————————————————|——1—————————1—————————————————————|

the 2nd way:
e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e
A|——1—1—1—1—1—1—1—1—|—5—5—5—5—5—5—5—5—| 3rd measure
E |——————————————————————|—————————————————————|

the 3rd way:

G |————3———3———3———3—|————7———7———7———7—|
D|————————————————————|————————————————————| 3rd measure
E |————————————————————|————————————————————|

NE questions, comments, etc... emale me @ [email protected]
soon 2 come "movie Star" from the crystal ball album.
if anybody knows any other O(+> songs that r not posted, please post them.

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Prince - 1999 Bass Tab

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