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System Of A Down — Shimy bass tabs

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Band: System Of A Down
Album: Toxicity
Track # 11
Song: Shimmy
Bassist: Shavo Odajian
Tabbed by: punkbasser15

This song is another master piece by SOAD. This has been
one of my favorite songs for a couple years (right next to
Toxicity, Aerials, Forest, and Boom!). I’ve been tabbing songs
from their older album because it seemed to me that a lot of the
Steal This Album! Tabs were right....I’ve changed my mind. The tabs
for Science(on Toxicity), A.D.D.(S.T.A.), F*** The System(S.T.A.),
Streamline(S.T.A.), and Nu Guns(also S.T.A.) seem off to me.
Some riffs are right but not the whole song. So look for some of
those songs to be tabbed by me soon. If you have any requests for
a tab for the following bands I’d be glad to tab them for you: SOAD
(from albums 2 and 3), Mudvayne (on their new CD), Linkin Park,
Alien Ant Farm (old album), Blink—182 (Enema of the State and
Take Off Your Pants and Jacket), Sum 41(All Killer No Filler
and Does This Look Infected?), and maybe a Metallica tab too,
if I can get the Master Of Puppets CD.

For this song I suggest pick, because the rhythm of the song
calls for it. Fingers sound too choppy when you use them with
Shimmy. I’ve included lyrics and times to help you understand
what’s going on when and I hope that’ll be enough. This song
clearly has a deeper level with a message if you listen long
enough. Too bad it’s just over 2 minutes long. So......rock—out first
and ask questions later. Oh, and by the way, if you’d like another
tab for the bands listed above then just put it on the corrections of one of my tabs. Thanx.

(And i know the title's spelt wrong, it was done that way so
i could put this tab on here cuz there're a million of them)

*******low to high: CGCF tuning*****

/ = slide up neck to next fret
~ = let ring

Intro (0:03) (this is played softly at first)

Verse (0:18) “Education, Fornication, in you are. GO!...”
(3322 part played real fast)
|————————————|—23——————320——2320———————(not completely sure about the last five
|————————————|———————————————————32010— notes of the second part but i think that's
|—3322332(2)—|————————————————————————— what Shavo plays)

Chorus (0:38) “I think me, I want life...”

Verse (0:46) “Education, Fornication, in you are, go!...”
Chorus (1:05) (four times and w/o the end part) “ I think me, I want life...”
Bridge (1:21) “Indoctrination, of our nation....”

(wait for the guitar to do the riff twice)

Outro/Verse thing (1:41) “Don’t be late for school again, boy!...”

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