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Supergrass — Your Love bass tabs

Song: Your Love 
By: Supergrass
Album: Supergrass
Tabbed by: wildman_ed_uk@yahoo.com

this tune isnt that hard once you get the jist of it, the verse bit is
pretty much right but I suggest you make your own variations according
to your personal style.

G I——————————————————————— I
D I——————————————————————— I
A I——————————————————————— I
E I———5—5—8—10—9—10—/12I This is the verse bit and the intro

EI——2—2—————3—3—3—3—3——5—5—5I You have to try and fit these
notes to the rhythm, I am not sure
about the amounts needed.

There is a solo/funny bit in the middle but if u have a brain u can work
it out.

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