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Strong Bad — The Ballad Of The Sneak bass tabs

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On www.homestarrunner.com
On Shorts, if you scroll down, there's one called, "The Ballad of the Sneak." This is
a song sung by a barbershop quartet, and its about The Sneak (the Cheat as called in
black and white toons). This is a very fun song to play. Just get four of your best
together and sing along, and have a regular Grand Ol'e time..


I know a lively fellow,
Who is really quite unique.
He's small and smart and yellow,
With a rouda like Physique.
He doesn't play the shallow,
and he never gains to speak.
He's the Strongbad's Limparello.
And they just call him the Sneak.

If you've got a caper then you know who to call,
It's the sneak, its the sneak.

Who's that jeffer swindler out of Tammany hall?
Bobe e lone e a doh, its the sneak.

That jolly little whats it who's the strongman's greatest pal
Its the sneak, its the sneak.

Who did the hully gully on the Panama Canal?
Doo wak a doo wak a doo, its the sneak.

Who's the Chargy Jackadape with moxy and Pizzazz?
Its the sneak, Yes sir, its the sneak.

Who's been drinking bootleg, hooch and listening to the Jazz?
Bobe a lone e a do, its the sneak.

Who Capture's all the Clever girl's affections?
Who made off with my Fluffy Puff Confections?

He's dasterdly
He's most contrasterdly
His schemes are masterly
Sixteen and half past three

That sneakyty sneak a sneak all over town.

Who dropped the homestar runner from his flying machine?
He's the sneak, its the sneak.
Who put a Bengal tiger in the Kaisers latrene?
Auch du lieba.
Its the sneak, you know its the sneak, he'll sneak a de sneak all day long..


Now for the bass tab..

G—————————————————————————————5—————————————— repeat this until it gets to the li
D—3—————3—2—3—4—5—————5—————5————3————3—2—0—— lines, about who captured all
A————3—————————————5——————3————————3—————————3 the clever girl's affections.

At, "he's dasterdly," you play this:


Then back to

G—————————————————————————————5—————————————————— peat till end.

Took me a while to play through the song a lot, to get all the lyrics, but I hope you
Tablature player for this song:


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