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Straight Outta Junior High — Girlfriend bass tabs

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Song: Girlfriend
Band: Straight Outta Junior High
Album: Kiss Of Deaf
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed By: Spencer Hall eagle_eye_333@yahoo.com

SOJH is a punk band from LINCOLN NEBRASKA. Yes, we do have more then just corn. We have
good local punk and ska. This is the third track off their second album.

Song Order can be found at the bottom of the tab.

Intro Palm muted guitar only

Main Riff

This riff is played as the chorus, verse, and that short solo just after the intro. Some
times the E is only struck 4 instead of 8 times and the A only 2 instead of 4 in parts where
there are 4 of the same thing.

Bridge 1 from 1:34 to 1:47

The 1s at the end are played 8 times instead of 4 on the last time through this riff.

Bridge 2 from 2:22 to 2:38
G|————————————————————————————————————— x2
A|—11111111—33333333—55555555—————————— this is all part
E|————————————————————————————55555555— / of Bridge 2
After 2nd time playing that, play this /
G|——————————————————— /
D|——————————————————— /
A|—11111111—33333333— /
E|——————————————————— /
Then back into the main riff

Song Sequence

Intro no bass (palm muted guitar)
Other part of intro Main Riff x2
Then small solo in intro Main Riff x2
Verse 1 Main Riff x2
Chorus 1 Main Riff x2
Verse 2 Main Riff x2
Chorus 2 Main Riff x2
First Bridge Thing Bridge 1 x2
Guitar Solo After Bridge 1 Main Riff x4
Second Bridge Thing Bridge 2 x1
Chorus 3/Outro Main Riff x4
End on E|—1— and let it ring out

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