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Spring Heeled Jack — Peg Leg Bates bass tabs

by: Spring Heeled Jack
(ska / instrumental / bass tab)

tab written by: Adam Mihlfried ([email protected])

Main (played through most of the song w/ a slower version played at the ————end of the

G —————————————
D —————————————Part A
A ———————2—————x4
E —0——3—————3——

G —————————————
D ———————2—————Part B
A —0——3—————3——x2
E —————————————

(Part A)x2

G —————————————
D ————0——4——0——Part C
A —2———————————x1
E —————————————

(Part B)x1
(Part A)x1—2

"Jazz Type" Solo
——slow tempo——

G —————————————
D —————————————Part #1
A ———————0——2—— x3
E —0——3————————

G —————————————
D —————————————Part #2
A —2——0————————x1
E ———————3——2——

G —————————————
D ———————0——2——Part #3
A —0——3————————x2
E —————————————

(Part #1)x1
(Part #2)x1

G —————————————
D ————0——2——4——x1
A —2———————————
E —————————————

(Part #3) x1
(Part #1)x1
(Part #2)x1
(Part #1)x4

G ————————————————————————
D ———————0——2——0——2——0——2—x1
A —0——3———————————————————
E ————————————————————————

(Part #1)x1
(Part #2)x1
(Part #3)x1

G —————————————
D —2——0————————
A ———————3——2——x1
E —————————————

(Part #1)
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Thanks, 1st tab so don't be suprised if im a little off, if anyone has a different clue
about this song, please email me too! Anyhow I kept rewinding and listening to this song
again and again to try and catch things.

[email protected]

Tablature player for this song:
Spring Heeled Jack - Peg Leg Bates Bass Tab


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