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Spell Correctly — Excercise bass tabs

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Ok...you know how your fingers are numbered 1 2 3 4 when playing bass? Well, this
is really easy, there's nothing to it. You'll feel it in your forearms if you do it
a while though. Ok, go to the E string and start at the top fret. All you are doing
is playing
a scale down the E string, but you use a specific finger for each free. For the first
you use 1, second 2, third 3 and fourth 4. Now do this down and up the E string and
other strings.

G 12344321
D 1234 4321
A 1234 4321
E 1234 4321

It may not seem like much but it really helps.

Another thing you can do to make your finger next to your pinky stronger is use only
last three fingers of your hand while fretting. It would go like this, remember to
on the first fret of the E string, although you can do it anywhere on the fretboard
if you

G: 234432
D: 234 432
A: 234 432
B: 234 432

Remember that the numbers on that scale do not represent fret numbers, they are
for your fingers.

1= Pointer Finger
2= Index Finger
3= Ring finger
4= Pinky

Hope this helps :)

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