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Smiths — This Night Has Opened My Eyes bass tabs

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G |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|
D |—————————4———5——————————————————|—————————4^5^4——————————————————|
A |—————2——————————————————————————|—————2——————————————————————————|
E |—2———————————————2——————————————|—2———————————————2——————————————|

G |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|
D |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|
A |—0———————0———2———5———————0———5——|—————————————2———0——————————————|
E |—————3——————————————————————————|—2———3——————————————————————(2)—| Play Last Only 2nd Time

G |————————————/4———————7———————4——|————————————/4———————7———————4——|
D |—2——————————————————————————————|—2——————————————————————————————|
A |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|
E |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|

G |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|
D |————————————/4———————7———————4——|————————————————————————————————|
A |—2——————————————————————————————|—0~~~————————————————————5———4——|
E |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|

Post Chorus
G |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|
D |————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|
A |(0)——————0———2———5———————0———5——|—————0———0——————————————————————|
E |—————3——————————————————————————|(3)——————————————3———————3———0——|

G |————————————/4———————7———4——————|————————————————————————————————|
D |—2——————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————|
A |————————————————————————————————|—————————————————————————5———4——|
E |—————————————————————————————0——|—3———————2———5——————————————————|

End Chorus
G |————————————/4———————7———4—————|————————————————————————————————|
D |—2——————————————————————————————|—————————5——————————————————————|
A |————————————————————————————————|—————————————2———5———0~~~———————|
E |————————————————————————————————|—3———3——————————————————————————|

Tablature player for this song:


He doesn't start on the F# in the verse.
They published the exact bass line transcription for this song somewhere back in the day. I'm guessing it was in one of those bass magazines where they transcribe songs note for note. I know I had it around 1992 when I learned the bass part. So its out there somewhere if one can track it down. This is one of Andy Rourke's most beautiful and compelling bass parts. Definitely worth seeking the transcription out. There's so much to be learned from his playing. His bass line adds so much to the overall feel of this song particularly in his choice of notes. There's only a couple other bass players that display his sophistication: Jaco and James Jamerson (of course), Carole Kaye, Paul McCartney, Pino Palladino, Mani (from the Stone Roses). Rourke is in their league as far as I'm concerned. Sorry I can't direct anyone to the transcription. It hasn't popped up on the internet through my searches yet.
Actually this may be the transcription I used. Its probably pretty close to what he plays.


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