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Smashing Pumpkins — Soma bass tabs

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Intro/(some) Verses (Close your eyes and sleep) (Wrap my hurt in you)/ Solo

Verse (She lead me on) (Is your broken heart) (Didnt wanna lose you once again)

Pre—chorus (Im all by myself)

Chorus (Didnt wanna lose you once again)

Solo 2(before So let the sadness come again)

I didnt write the whole scheme and order because i guess it would confound you and lost
the empathy with the song, so i helped u a little, the rest, figure it out by yourself
man/woman! ;)

I know this is a very different Version from the others I saw before, that didnt convinced
me enough So pls rate it and let me know your comments! Thx! ;)

///Straight Edge XxX///

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This is how I remember it.

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