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Slipknot — Prelude 3 0 bass tabs

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got a slipknot tab for you.

Slipknot: Prelude 3—0
Bass Tab

I've no idea what the tunings are as I have done them by hear.

—0~~—3~~—5~~—2~~ Simple huh? just make sure that you bend the last note
and revert back to the start again.

—————————————————— Note that only the second note rings.

That is all there really is to it. To be honest, I don't know why anyone else
figured it out before me.

this is my first bass tab, even so i am 98 percent sure it works as I have played
along to the song myself. if it is slightly wrong, though, i am only 14 years old.

Even so, If you have any queries or corrections, my email is rhyknow@gmal.com and
I have a load of invites, so I can give em away.

Paul (#2) rules!!!


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