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Shellac — Prayer To God bass tabs

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Title: Prayer to God
Album: 1000 Hurts
Artist: Shellac
Tabbed: Dante Dahmer (Neurvall@aol.com)

Bob Weston uses a legendary Shellac amp on this song probably (If youre
not familiar with the amp Im talking about, its big, black (Big Black) and
has only one knob, volume). To create the Albini—Weston feel, I play this
song completely on the E. There is one main bass part in the song: the
chorus. If you listen, Weston does a little diddy at about 0:35 that follows
Albinis guitar but stops at 0:48. It is pointless to tab it out to me, so
Ill just tab my interpretation of the chorus. Listen for rhythm, and
possible variations that I might have missed, though I dont think there is,
it just sounds that way with Westons settings and Trainer playing, a lot
like on Watch Song.


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