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Sea And Cake — Jacking The Ball bass tabs

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"Jacking The Ball"——song
The Sea and Cake——album
The Sea and Cake——artist
Tabbed by Ian

Two main parts of the song.
Play in relatively quick 4/4 time.

Main Riff——beginning (x5), middle1 (x3), middle2 (x3), end (x3)

G |————————————————|7———77—6——4—6———|4——44———————————|————————————————|
D |———————7———(7)——|————————————————|—————(0)7———7———|5—————————0—5(0)|
A |5———55——————————|————————————————|————————————————|————————————————|
E |————————————————|————————————————|————————————————|————————————————|

Verse Riff——play this sequence twice for each verse between the main riff

G |——————————————11h12p11———————————| |————————————————|————————————————|
D |0———00—9————————|——————12——————(0) x3 |——————————————0—|——————————————0—|
A |————————12——————|————————————————| |10——10——————————|10101010——1010——|
E |————————————————|————————————————| |————————————————|————————————————|

That's it——throw a few small variations in to keep it interesting, but Claridge
doesn't really stray from this much at all.
Listen to the song to get the timing——my tabs are based on 16 beats per measure but
the high string #'s are hard to fit in with correct timing.



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