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Satriani Joe — Always With Me Always With You bass tabs

Always with Me Always with You
Joe Satriani






DC al fine

This is one of the songs that blew me (and numerours other people) away
when I first heard Stu Hamm when he played on the Satch tour. This track
demonstrated how Stu's technique could be part of a great song, playing
an important supporting role.

1 Section A is the guitar accompaniment from the album — Stu played
this part on the tour. Left hand plays the bass line on the
E string
while the right arpegiates the chords. The tapped patterns
are all
pretty fundamental fingerings that crop up time and time again.
Learn them well, and you'll be ready to fill out any chords as

2 Section B — If Stu can play the accompaniment, you can play the
lead! Left hand continues as before. The right hand should now be
rotated so its at right angles to the neck (fingers point to the
floor). The whole lead is simply under the fingers, apart
from the
bit at the nineth fret where you turn your hand back to be
to the fretboard.

Ian Stephenson
[email protected]

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Satriani Joe - Always With Me Always With You Bass Tab


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