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Rush — Madrigal bass tabs

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By Rush
Transcribed by Jonathan Lippard and Sean Jones
Corrections by Lionel Gibauden
Any comments, questions, or corrections please contact Sean at
[email protected]
Revised 6—14—98

<* *>
w w w w Q Q q H+e s s Q q e q H e
||————4 mm.———||———|———|———|———||—————————||——————————|—————————|———r———

e Q Q q H+e s s Q Q q w q e Q q q e Q q e e e Q q e

e e Q q H+e e q e Q q e e e Q q e e e Q q h h w H+e s

s h+e e e e H e e q e q e q H q Q Q q q q e Q q q

e Q q e e e Q q e e e Q q H+e e q e Q q e e e Q q e e e

Q q h h H e s s h+e s s e e H e e q e Q q H e s s h+

e Q w q e h+e Q q e q Q q e q w w w e s s e e s s e

e s s e e H e s s e q e e e w

Notes bracketed by <* *> should be played on a synth.


—————————— —————————— ————t———
————5h8——— Hammeron ————(8)——— Ghost ————6——— Tap
—————————— —————————— Note ————————
————5p8——— Pulloff —————————— ————————

—————————— —————————— —————p——
————5/8——— Slide Up —————x———— Dead —————7—— Pop
—————————— —————————— Note ——s—————
————58——— Slide Down —————————— ——5————— Slap

—————————— ||——————|| Repeat ————————
————5~~~—— Vibrato ||*————*|| ———5^——— Bend
—————————— ||*————*|| ————————
—————————— ||——————|| ————————

—————————— —————————— ————————
—4:——————— Time —————————— ————————
—4:——————— Signature —————————— ————————
—————————— —————————— ————————

w = whole note W = dotted whole
h = half note H = dotted half
q = quarter note Q = dotted quarter
e = eighth note E = dotted eighth
s = sixteenth note S = dotted sixteenth
t = 32nd note T = dotted 32nd
x = 64th note X = dotted 64th
^ = triplet

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== tablature creation software for Windows ==
== For more info email [email protected] ==

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