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Rolling Stones — Sympathy For The Devil (ver 3) bass tabs

Sympathy for The Devil
The Rolling Stones
Tabbed by DaKilla for 4—String Bass

|————————|————————|————————|————————|————————| This is pretty much a jamming song so just
|——777—77|—77——555|—55—55——|—————456|777—77—7| play this as much as you want or play the
|—————7——|7——7————|5——5——5—|555—5———|———7——7—| alternate below, i like to mix it up....Keep
em guessing
Alternate Verse, mix in as wanted.

Then when your done with the verses, break into this right here.

Pleased to meet you..........

Then there can be a guitar solo and for that just keep playing
the verse and alternate verse mixed up.

This was my first tab so go easay on me, i just played this song
in a show about an hour ago and this is just how we played it sounds
great if you play it right.
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