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Rob Zombie — Teenage Nosferatu Pussy bass tabs

(submitted by linkinpark232)
I've also got a guitar tab of this on UG! http://tabs.ultimate—guitar.com/r/rob_zombie/teenage_nosferatu_pussy_tab.htm

//: Slide Up
\\: Slide Down
|—3—|: Triplet

Tuning: C# Standard C# F# B E

Intro 1a 3x |—3—|
E |—————————————————————————————|
B |—————————————————————————————|
F# |—————————————————————————————|
C# |0—0—4—7—5—4—0—0—0—0—0—0—0—0—0|

Intro 1b 1x
E |—————————————————————|
B |—————————————————————|
F# |—————————————————————|
C# |0—0—4—7—5—4—0—0—0—0—0|

Pre—Verse: Just keep hitting this over and over again until the verse
E |———|
B |———|
F# |———|
C# |0—0|

Verse 1a: 1x
E |———————|
B |———————|
F# |———————|
C# |7—7—6//]

Verse 1b: This is just like the pre—verse
E |———|
B |———|
F# |———|
C# |0—0|

Pre—Chorus: 4x
E |—————|
B |—————|
F# |—————|
C# |3—3\\]

Chorus: 4x |—3—|
E |—————————————————————————————————|
B |—————————————————————————————————|
F# |—————————————————————————————————|
C# |0—0—7—6—0—0—7—6—0—0—7—6—0—0—0—0—0|

Repeat intro 1a one time and 1b one time

Verse 2 is the same except now do verse 1b before and after 1a

Chorus 4x again

Pre—Solo: 8x
E |————————————————|
B |————————————————|
F# |————————————————|
C# |4—5—4—5—4—5—8——7|

Solo: Intro 1a 4x

Verse 3 is the same as 1 and 2 but throw triplets in

Pre—Chorus: 4x This is a little different
E |—————————|
B |—————————|
F# |—————————|
C# |0—0—0—3//]

Chorus 4x
Tablature player for this song:
Rob Zombie - Teenage Nosferatu Pussy Bass Tab


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