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Richie Valens — La Bamba bass tabs

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Here's the main part, the one that is super cool to play. 

The opening has a pretty boring part on OPEN "E". The rythm should be pretty easy to figure

G ———0——20—————————
D ——2—3——————0—3320
A 3—————————2——————
E —————————3———————

...and reapeat...and repeat...and repeat.

There are a few pauses Where Valens sings "La la la la la bamba", but these are pretty easy
to get around.

This is an extremely fun bass line to play when you are just starting to figure out the
rapid finger movment stuff.

This is my first time tabbing something out. Suggestions VERY welcome!

Tablature player for this song:


G ——|————–2-0————–
D———|—–– 3 ————— 03320—–
A –0-2|-3-3——— 2—0—–
E 3—–|——-—3—–

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