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Rainbow Butt Monkeys — Circles bass tabs

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Song: =Circles
Band: =Rainbow Butt Monkeys (Now Finger Eleven)
Tabbed by: =Beavis (Dave Hyatt)
Email: [email protected]
tab=Artist: Rainbow Butt Monkeys (Now Finger Eleven)
Song: Circles
Album: Letters Form Chutney
Tabbed By: Beavis (Dave Hyatt)




Chorus: (walking around) Guitar solo:

G—————————————————————— G————————————
D—————————————————————— D————————————
A—————————————————————— A————————————
E—0————0——0——0——0——3——— E—0————2—3———

That's it. Everything gets repeated a bunch. It's pretty simple,
just listen to the song.

|***| I'm not too sure about this. If you listen carefully, it sounds
like this part is streatched a little every second time it is played.

This is my first time tabbing so I could be wrong.


[email protected]

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Rainbow Butt Monkeys - Circles Bass Tab


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