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Rage Against The… — Killing in the Name (extended intro… bass tabs

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"Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine

Alternative intro for bass (with Guitar part)

"Drop D" tuning (tune open E to D)

part 1.

G ————————————
d ————————————
A ———————6—6—6
D —0—0—0——————

part 2.

G —————————————————
d ————————————11h12
A ———————11h12—————
D —0—0—0———————————

Part 3.
G ————————————————————
d ——————————————13/12—
A ——————11,11h12——————
D —0—0—0——————————————

part 4.

G ————————
d ————————
A ———————6
D —0—0—0——

Here's the order of how to play it

part 1 x4
part 2 x3 + part 3
part 2 x3 + part 3
part 1 x5 + part 4

It's obviously not exactly like the guitar part, but it sounds like it and its great
for when you're playing solo.

Tablature player for this song:


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