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Rage Against The Machine — Settle For Nothing bass tabs

Settle For Nothing by Rage Against The Machine

This song contains two basic riffs. The song starts out with Riff 1, then goes to riff
2, then back to riff 1...so on. Listen to the song to figure out where to put the riffs.

Riff 1.

This second riff sounds like it's played through either Chorus or Flanger effects.

Riff 2. Every fourth time of Riff 2 play this:
G:———————————————————| G:———————————————————————|
D:——————————————————*| D:———————————————————4———|
A:——————————————————*| A:———————————————————————|
E:—0——5——0——1——3——2——| E:——0——5——0——1——3——2—————|

Tabbed by Mark Rawlins ([email protected])

Tablature player for this song:
Rage Against The Machine - Settle For Nothing Bass Tab

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