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Rage Against The Machine — Guerrilla Radio bass tabs

Band:Rage Against the Machine
Song:Guerrilla Radio

G Something went wrong with the other tab that I submmitted for this song and only
D part of what I sent is on here. Not sure why, but I'm gonna do it again anyways.
E =slide down


Main Riff (I'm sure what that last riff is that he does right before the verse.)

Verse (When you play those two notes together, let them ring out a little and then slide)

Play this fill during the first verse

Chorus (Same as the main riff)

Repeat Verse (without the fill)

Repeat Chorus

Play this fill after the second Chorus

Guitar Solo (Same as Main Riff. Listen closely for timing.)

Ahh! Hell! Can't stop us now!

O.K. I'm hopeing that this one will get sent correctly. (Or not do whatever it was to mess
the other one up.)

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Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio Bass Tab

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