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Radiohead — How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found bass tabs

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Artist: Radiohead
Song: How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found
Album: Unreleased as of 3/20/00
Author: Dan Coates (dcoates@disconnect.net)

As this is an unreleased song, I thought it would be kind of
pointless to try to tab it note for note, since the final version
of the song on the album (if it ever gets on an album) could be
very different. So this is just some basic pieces of the song
from the first ever performance of it, in Los Angeles on April 1,

This part (left) repeats for most of the song, sometimes dropping
an octave lower (right).


There are only a couple variations, one of them being this
(and its equivalent on the lower octave... figure it out):


Then in a couple parts of the song, like after Thom sings "Yeah,
it's gone" and at the end of the song, you just play the bit on
the left there, and the part on the right gets thrown in a couple
times too.


There you have it. This is the first tab I've ever written (not
counting handwritten stuff on my own), but I think it's about as
accurate as it gets. Hope you like it — it's an excellent song.

Tablature player for this song:


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