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Queen Adreena — Pretty Polly bass tabs

BAND:Queen Adreena
SONG:Pretty Polly
Album: Taxidermy

Tuning (Not sure)

There's a long wait until the BASS comes in.
It comes in when the song gets loud and heavy.

ok this isn't perfect!

Main Riff



Pretty Polly:
Polly pretty polly come go away with me,
Before we get married some pleasures to see.

She jumped up beside him and away they did go,
Over the mountains and the valleys below.

Billy oh billy I'm afraid for my life,
I'm afraid you mean to murder me and leave me behind.

Polly pretty polly you're guessing about right,
I've been digging your grave for the best part of your life.

He stabbed her through the heart and her hot blood did flow,
And into the grave pretty polly did go.

He threw a little dirt over her and started for home,
Leaving nobody there but the wild birds to moan,
A debt to the devil billy must pay,
For killing pretty polly and running away.

Tablature player for this song:
Queen Adreena - Pretty Polly Bass Tab


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