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Psycore — Fullblood Freak bass tabs

Song Title: Fullblood Freak 
Artist: Psycore
Album: Your Problem (Also available as single)
Tuning: C A D G (This is the first change of tuning, the whole song is tabbed on one string
which is
C, I think, I know that when you hold down fret 9 on the bottom string (in pitch that is)
you get A)
Tabbed by: The Snakecharmer (leonard@madhatter45.freeserve.co.uk)


The first Psycore bass tab to be written to my knowledge for my own Psycore website,
Hole In The Ground at http://www.madhatter45.freeserve.co.uk/psycore/defualt.html
. It is prone to mistakes
and has a couple of bits missing that I couldn't get, but mostly it's all here.
Enjoy it and tell me what you think, and if you have spotted a mistake tell me and I`ll fix
it with credit, naturally........

The Riffs

Riff A

Gb| ——————————
Db| ——————————
Ab| ——————————
Db| —0—2—4—2——

Riff B

Gb| ————————
Db| ————————
Ab| ————————
Db| —11——4——

This riff can be played on two strings but sounds better as written above.

Riff C

Gb| ——————————————————————————
Db| ——————————————————————————
Ab| ——————————————————————————
Db| —11——4——11——4——11——4——9——9

Riff D

Gb| ——————————
Db| ——————————
Ab| ——————————
Db| 2——2——2——4

Riff E

Gb| ———————————————————
Db| ———————————————————
Ab| ———————————————————
Db| —0/11—9—11—14—11—9—

The Playing Order

Riff A x12 (Guitar comes in after 4th time)
Riff B x4
Riff A x8
Riff C
Riff A x8
Riff C x2
Riff A x4
Riff D x20
Riff E
Riff A x16 (On 8th time there is a different riff that I couldn`t get)
Riff C x8
Finish with a quick open C

It also has effects pedals in certain places, like riff E, but its mostly distorted.
I recomend you follow the tab while listening before playing it, its much easier.

You may use this material for your own site, just keep don't alter it. Thanks.

Tablature player for this song:
Psycore - Fullblood Freak Bass Tab


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