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Primus — Is It Luck (ver 2) bass tabs

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Okay, here it is:  Riff Tab for "Is It Luck?" by Primus.

Note: I didn't figure this out. It was in the August 1991 issue of Guitar

e s s s s s s s s s s s s r e s s s s s s s s s s s s r


Just a reminder.....

X —— muted note
h —— hammer—on
e —— eighth note
s —— sixteenth note
r —— rest

A few notes Les gives:

"I play it on the 4—string. I hold on to the whammy bar while I slap, which
gives it a real weird sound. It's all on the D and G strings, and the second
bar is the same as the first, but up a half—step."

Another note: Les uses standard tuning, but instead of standard strings on his
4—string, he uses two A's and two G's to help out with his chords.

Have fun! Later,
—Chris Carman
[email protected]

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Primus - Is It Luck (ver 2) Bass Tab

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