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Primus — Groundhog's Day (ver 2) bass tabs

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Groundhog's Day

This is a bomb song— Nuff sed

S=Slap *=Strum swift X
/=slide x=mute X = Slap Frets with your fingering hand.
The main verse has alot of variations, you can figure them out yourself i'm not going
to bother writing them down.

Intro Main Verse



Then continue main verse and throw in the chorus, you can figure the proper timing.

This is the second verse, where it changes completely.
|———————X——x—————————————x—x—| Repeat it a bunch of times, but play fast in succession
|—12/10—X————————————————x—x—| so that the end of the riff carries over to the start of
|—13/11—X————————————————x—x—| it.

Throw in a few of these at the end of playing the second verse. Figure proper timing yourself.


I dont know the guitar solo part but this is the bulk of the song done pretty much 100%.
I think this is almost perfect maybe a few tweaks.

—bun harsh
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Primus - Groundhog's Day (ver 2) Bass Tab

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