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Primer 55 — Stain bass tabs

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Band: Primer 55
Song: Stain
Album: Introduction to Mayhem
Tabbed By: Tom Bloch (slipknotfreak880@yahoo.com)

I play this song a 5—string, but you can play it on 4—string to so just convert it to
a 4—string,
although it doesn't sound as good on a 4—string. This song is only played on the a
so that's all I'm going to put up.



Post—Chorus(I'm not totally sure about this part but this is how I play and it sounds
good to me)

Same as chorus

Outro(just keep repeating this part until the song is done)

That's about it, this is my first tab so I apoligize for how bad it is arranged but
I'm 100%
that how you play the song and the intro bass riff is awesome so as soon as you get
it will
sound great. Just listen to the cd for the timing and for how many times you play
each part.
If you have troubles or any questions just email me.

Tablature player for this song:


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