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P.O.D. — Followmesabbath bass tabs

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Artist: P.O.D.

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Artist: P.O.D.

Song: Follow Me/Sabbath
Album: The Fundamental Elements of Southtown & The Warriors EP
Tabbed by: Ben P. (DJ )

~*~E tuned down to D~*~

tab key
~ = hold note
x = muted string
b = bend string
h = hammer on note
b/ = slight bend
/ = slide up to note
= slide down to note
p = pull off string

note in ( ) = is a ghost note, a note that is played softly and/or CAN be played but
have to be

Follow Me is the same song as Sabbath but just add's vocals...Sabbath is a little
and a lil different...
so here is Follow Me

D|—22—2——22—2——22—2——22—2| (reapeat....) (then the guitar does it's thing...then...)

Chorus: ("REIGN...most high") (then end on)

Verse: ("what....")(repeat) (break...) ("we will rise!!!")

that is basicly it...you can put all the pieces together...

Ben P. (DJ

P.S.—the guitar part is basicly the same thing...im just too lazy to tab it right

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