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Phish — The Mango Song bass tabs

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Song  Mango Song, The
Band Phish

Tabbed Finish 02/04/04
Tabber devastatr89 (Nathaniel Schroeder)
Tuning Standard

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I loved this song very much. One day I picked up my bass and looked at the chord progression.
I played along with the Chords and voila. I figured it out. I am only 14 and love Phish.
Trey, Mike, John and Page are all genius. This is a tricky song to play. But it still is
a lot of fun. I got as close as I could to the real song and all my friends that I have played
it for say it sounds exactly like it. I didnt add somethings like the fills he ads because
they change every recording I hear. This is my first tab so be nice! lol

G |————————161719—1716—————0————————1617—16———————0——|
D |——————17———————————19—0——————1719———————1917—0————|
A |——————————————————————————————————————————————————|
E |——————————————————————————————————————————————————|

G |——————————11—9———————————————————11—9——————————|
D |———————————————11—9h11———————————————11—9h11———|
A |——————14—————————————————————11—————————————————|
E |———12—————————————————————10————————————————————|

G |———————11—9——————————11————————————————————————————————|
D |———10——————11—9h11—————11——13—11————————————11—9———————|
A |—9———————————————————————————————14——11—14———————11————|
E |———————————————————————————————————————————————————————|

G |——————————————————9————————————————————————|
D |———11————10—————9——————9———9—————9—————————|
A |—9———98————87———————9———9—9———9——————————|
E |————————————————————7—————————7—————7—9—11—|

G |————————————————————————————————————————————|
D |——————————————————————4—————————————————————|
A |—0——————————3—4—5—6—7—————0——————————3—4—5——|
E |—————2———0———————————————————2——0———————————|


G |————————————————————————————————————————————|
D |———91011—10—9———————————————910—9———————————|
A |—10——————————12—10——10——1012——————12—10——10—|
E |——————————————————10———————————————————10———|

(Chorus 2)
G |———91011—10—9———————————————910—9———————————|
D |—10——————————12—10——10——1012——————12—10——10—|
A |——————————————————10———————————————————10———|
E |————————————————————————————————————————————|

G |————————————————————————|
D |————————————————————————|
A |——10—10———————8—8———————|
E |—————————8—8———————8—8——|


Intro x5

Verse x2

Bridge x1

Verse x1

Chorus x4

Verse x2

Bridge x1

Verse x1

Chorus x4

Verse x2

Chorus2 x4

Jam (for how ever long they jam for.)

Also, the numbers vary from concert to concert.

This is just a basic tab and I didnt add any fills. If you want to no some of them you can
e—mail me at the address below. This is a song written and preformed by Phish. This is
just my interpretation on the song and shouldnt be used in any form of recording.

Any questions or comments? E—mail me at
devastatr88@hotmail.com. thats it.

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