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Peter Gabriel — Dont Give Up bass tabs

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Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel with Tony Levin on Bass.



G————————————————8——7———————————————————————7——8—|———————| H — Hammer On
D———————————————10——8———————————————————————8—10—|———————| / — Slide Up
A—————————10—10——————————————————————10—10———————|———————| — Slide Down

Tony Levin probably used a five string Erine Ball Music Man for this song.
The bass solo, near the end of the song has a has low C in it.
I did this because I a big TL fan. Someday I'll get that tone.
***END DREAM #531***

Have fun people! pete.paluch@microserve.com

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Peter Gabriel - Dont Give Up Bass Tab


1 year, 7 months ago
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Good stuff man. Tony Levin is such an unsung hero of the bass, and pretty much the only hero of the Chapman Stick. I'm a huge Crimson fan, and I was so excited when I found out that all those Peter Gabriel songs I loved as a kid were played by the man who inspired me to learn bass. Great transcription, I was having some trouble figuring out the chords on the second variation.

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