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Perfect Circle, A — Orestes bass tabs

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Artist:  Perfect Circle
Song: Orestes
Album: Mer de Noms
Tab by: Chris Rudzinski (jkorndavis2001@yahoo.com)

Standard tuning

Intro: No bass

After drums come in, Verse: 4x

G ————————————————————————————————
D ————————————————————————————————
A ————————————————————————————————
E ———9——99/12——12125——55/7—7—7

E ———9——99/12——12125——55h—44—5/7—7—7

Chorus: 2x

E ———9——9997——7775——555—5—5—55

Then play the verse riff 2x until
the eerie guitar part comes in
and play this really softly

E ———9—————————5————5/7————7/9

E ———9—————————5————5/7————7/99995555

After build—up

E ———9—999——5——5/7——7/9—999

E ———9—999——5——5/ 7——7/9—999/101010/121212

Don't know what to call this part: 4x

E ———9—9999——7—7777——5—5555

Let five ring during next part
After that there comes the big solo:

E ———555555333333/888888—0—0—0

E ———555555/888888/101010101010/12—12—12

E ———555555333333/888888—0—0—0

E ———555555333333/888888

Mellow part:

E ———555555333333/888888—0—0—0

E ———555555/888888/101010101010/12—12—12—12—12—12

E ———555555333333/888888/101010105555——11—12—14

After that: 4x

E ———9—9999/12—12—12—127—77775—5555—5—5555

Then when guitar goes on (no vocals): 2x

E ———9—9999/197—77775—5555—5—5555

E ———9—9999/19h—21—19h7—7/195—5555—5—5555


I'm not sure how many times you hit the
strings because the bass is really smooth
in the song and it's hard to hear it, but
I just follow the bass drum and it sounds good.

questions,comments, corrections e—mail me at

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