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Paul Simon — Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes bass tabs

Transcribed by Brian Schretzmann
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
by Paul Simon
(off Graceland)
Bassist: Baghiti Khumalo
NOTE: I've only figured out the main groove, and two of those beautiful
licks that Baghiti does. The chorus is based on F—Bb—C, but I
can't pick out exactly what he's doing. "." indicate stoccato notes.
. . . .
e+s s+e e+s s e e e e+s s+e e+s s e e e
e+s s e e q+E e+ s e s e e s s e s s e
. . .
e+s s+e e+s s e e e q+e q e+s s e e+s s e q e+s s s s
. .
s s s s e e s s e s s e e+s s+e e+s s e e e
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