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Paul Simon — Call Me Al bass tabs

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bass solo from Paul Simon's Call me Al (off of Graceland)
transcribed by me woodfiber@aol.com

this bass solo is two measures long, but the bassist (Bakithi Kumalo) only
played the first measure. The engineer flipped the tape and recorded the first
measure backwards, forming a musical palindrome. this is a close
approximation of the solo. It's what Bakithi played on the live versions

it's played slapstyle on a washburn fretless 4string. The first measure is
four triplets. using a slap—hammer on—pop approach. the second measure
consists of three triplets using a slap—pulloff—pop approach. The last beat
of measure two is straight sixteenth notes
listen to the solo and see if you can hear the backwards sounding delay on the
last beat that tips off the this busy lick's studio—processed genesis


Remember—know matter how impossibly busy a riff sounds, it was played by a
mortal, and can be figured out.

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