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Paul Mccartney — Reception bass tabs

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Title : Reception
Artist/Group : Paul McCartney Album : Back To The Egg
Info : 4 String Standard Bass
Date — Time : 7/30/2002 — 5:54:58 PM
Created by : Ken Robertson


Note Length (above the bass line):w=whole, h=1/2, q=1/4, e=1/8, s=1/16, t=1/32, .=1.5*previous.
Fingering (below the bass line):1=index, 2=middle, 3=ring, 4=pinkie, 5=thumb.
Special Note Symbols:
h = hammer—on from previous note
p = pull off from previous note
/or = slide up or down to note
b = bend note
S = slap the note with the right—hand thumb (left hand if left—handed)
P = pop the note with the right hand (left hand if left—handed)
t = tap the note with the right hand (left hand if left—handed)
H = harmonic
x = muted note
r = a rest.
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Paul Mccartney - Reception Bass Tab


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