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Opeth — The Grand Conjuration (ver 2) bass tabs

Album:Ghost Reveries
Song:The Grand Conjuration

D Drop D tuning

I have spent lots of time working on this tab, and it's a very good tab. So enjoy.
A lot of things that he does is hard to hear, but if you really listen hard enough
you can hear it. The speakers that I used to figure some of the little things
out, you could hear the bass perfectly, so this is VERY accurate. Once again,

*=sticato note h=hammer on p=pull off S=slap P=pop /=slide up =slide down

He uses distortion on parts of the song. I'll tell you when to turn it on and
when to trn if off.

Intro (distortion off)
Tablature player for this song:
Opeth - The Grand Conjuration (ver 2) Bass Tab

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