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Oleander — Stupid bass tabs

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Tabbed by: Josh     Nookie9610@Aol.com

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Song: Stupid
Band: Oleander
Tabbed by: Josh Nookie9610@Aol.com

Here is Stupid. I saw that this was requested and decided to put it up. I
am not going to put how many times each note or each riff is played because
this song is so simple to play you should be able to figure it out yourself.
If you can't figure it out e—mail me and i will tell you. This is in
standard tuning Low—to—high (EADG)

Main Riff that is played over and over and over which is really boring

Every now and then like every four times or something to that effect that
riff is played a little different. He takes that riff and plays at a fast
tempo once and then goes back to the normal tempo again.

Chorus Riff

That is all. Have fun and try not to fall asleep while playing that riff
over and over. Any questions, comments, or corrections e—mail me. Should be
100% correct.

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